Chevy Camaro SS Hell’s Energy drift car

Thursday September 29th 2011. For most today may just be a regular day. Maybe you’ve had a tough day at work and you’re looking forward to the weekend. But for an icon, today is a very special day as it marks the 45th anniversary for the Chevrolet Camaro.

Yes, 45 years ago today, General Motors unleashed a beast and a beauty all in one that would rock the automotive world to the core. The original Camaro may have only been in production for two years, but no matter how many decades have past it was the original that everyone coveted. So much so that the boys at Chevy tore a page out of the throwback phase, but instead of making a soft wimpy lookalike, GM gave it the muscle and looks that are true to its pedigree.

So to celebrate the muscle car icon, we here at Speednation are proud to present Hell Energy’s

Chevrolet Camaro Drift Car. Enjoy!


To drift you really only need one thing, torque. Sure there are other ways to drift, but when you’ve got torque throughout the powerband, it’s easy to break traction and shred through tires even the slightest push of the throttle. Hell Energy’s Camaro is packed with so much torque it burns tires, well, like a bat out of… Hell.


The Camaro’s silhouette is for the most part a strange sight for the average European. It’s not that we can’t get them, it just seems that Europeans generally don’t prefer American cars. After spending a day with the Camaro, we honestly can’t figure out why. This car is amazing, especially if you like going sideways.


Under the hood of the SS, you’ll find something that no other Camaro has, an LS3! This 6.2 liter V8 muscle machine is very same you find in a Corvette. From the factory you get 430hp and 58kgm of torque but for Hell Energy that just wouldn’t do. So they added a supercharger and a few other goodies (exhaust, MoTeC M800 and numerous other mods) letting the LS3 breathe out another 170hp and 22kgm of torque. Their main goal was low end torque which is why they preferred a supercharger rather than turbos. Currently the fuel system is working at full capacity, but a beefier system is soon to be added so they can up the pressure on the supercharger and surpass the 680hp mark.

While talking to the Camaro’s Hugarian mechanic, he revealed to us that the car was last on the dyno it put out over 600hp. “The torque is over 50kgm at 1500rpm and just past 2500rpm the torque is over 70kgm”. I guess that explains how the Hell’s Chevy burns tires devilishly fast.


To cope with the increased power and demands of drifting, Hell Energy swapped out the clutch for a twin disc and added a uprated LSD for better slides through the corners.



Adding muscle is one thing, but for this beast to be quick on it’s feet, it also had to trim the fat. Out of the box, the Camaro weighs in at a hefty 1700kgm. That’s way too much, so part of it’s diet was to lose anything that isn’t useful on the track. Out went the A/C, airbags, stock guages and whole bunch of other stuff. This diet along with it’s new carbon fiber doors brought the weight down, but not enough as it now weighs 1520kg. Hell Energy’s goal is drop another 250 – 300kg of weight by cutting out any excess metal and replacing the majority of the body panels with carbon fiber ones.



hen it came time for Hell Energy to pick a car to compete in the European Drift competitions, they needed to be different than the crowd and went with American muscle. The Camaro with it’s big bad V8 causes a ruckus with it’s throbbing pistons and supercharged whistle. It’s muscle rips tires like the Hulk rips pants. It rips tires so furiously that one of the tires exploded into smithereens taking with it one of the Chevy’s mirrors and destroying one of our very own GoPro video cameras!


On the inside there’s a full rollcage to keep the driver safe, and the Recaro bucket seat with 5 point Sabelt harness keeps that driver firm in place no matter what. The factory dashboard stays put for now but gone are A/C and radio controls and in their place are switches for the fuel, battery and starter. Factory guages went in the bin and was replaced with a digital display.



The brakes were replaced by an aftermarket big brake kit by Stoptech. And we’re not kidding when we say ‘big brake’ cause you need that kind of stopping power when your ride weighs 1500+kg and has more power than a Lamborghini. 6 pot calipers and 380mm discs… sorry did I say Big? I meant HUGE!



Tamas Varga who goes by the nickname ‘Puci’ (we forgot to ask what it means…) is the man who enjoys the Camaro most of all. It might have something to do with the fact that he’s the driver of the beast. Tamas is a veteran in the European Drift scene with dozens of trophies on his wall.

“The Camaro is much better than I expected as a car. It’s heavy but you don’t really feel it in the track and the engine is a work of art. Even in 3rd gear and it easily spins the huge rear wheels on fantastic grippy track of Serres and you’re only going 60km/h and the rpms are just above idle!” That’s what you get when you have a supercharged V8.



Puci memorizes the Serres circuit…



Once the factory exhaust was removed, it was decided to have the exhaust pipes come out from the side in front of the rear wheels. This way they got an awesome look, but saved weight by not having the exhaust go all the way to the back. Function AND form.



The sound of this beast is something amazing. If you’re behind it you hear the deep rumble of the V8, if you stand in front of it, it’s the sweet whine of the supercharger.

Then you look at it, covered in black, black wheels, side exhausts and the lack of the huge rear spoiler sets it apart from the other cars at the event. The size of the thing is huge, almost 5 meters long and 2 meters wide. But what catches your eye the most is the smallest thing, that ‘SS’ badge which puts a tingle in your spine and a grin on your face just knowing your in the presence of a legend.

As it rolls away quietly, you can hear your heart beat in anticipation for the second the driver decides to step on it, and he does that very moment it’s gone and all you’re left with is the deafening roar of V8 thunder and covered in tire smoke. It may be from Hell, but this car is Heaven.






Car Specs
LS3 V8 6,2lt engine, 10,7 : 1 compression ratio, modified 92Nm valve springs, original camsafts, Magnusson supercharger type MP2300TVS, boost@ 0,8 bar, Motec M800 full option ECU remap by Mr. Istvan Tarlós (PUTYI), original cooling system with SPAL 382mm high performance blower, Magnusson intercooler, Mocal oil cooler, Magnusson intake system modified by Gabura Motorsport, exhaust system HJS 2x80mm Racing Pipes made by Gabura Motorsport, de-cat, high pressure racing performance fuel system with MOCAL fuel coolers, 2 x BOSCH fuel pump
6 speed Tremec 6060 transmision, ATC twin disc racing clutch, ATC Racing flywheel, BMW M5 differential modified by Gabura Motorsport, BMW M5 axles modified by Gabura Motorsport, final gear ratio: 3,70
Full adjustable K&W suspention with Eibach springs (spring rates: 75/60Nm), PFADT anti-roll bars, individual construction uniball strut bars, 15CDV6 individual construction with uniballs braces
Front brake kit Stoptech 380mm/355mm, 6pot callipers, Stoptech pads
Recaro Carbon Racing Seats, Sabelt Harness, 25CrMo4 Roll cage made by Gabura Motorsport
Weight reduction 235kg. original: 1755kg modified: 1520kg
Wheels: BMW M5 / Alpina 9,5x 19 Tyres: Dunlop / Bridgestone, 255-295/19
More about the HELL energy Drink? Press HERE

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